At Goodson Associates our core business is civil and structural engineering design, however we also offer clients many additional specialist services which include:

  • Appraisal of sites for development
  • Development of Infrastructure design working hand in hand with the design team through the masterplanning process
  • Implementation and complete design management of projects including building structures, road design, land reclamation and drainage
  • Implementation, supervision, management and technical interpretative reporting for ground investigations. Includes all aspects of the geotechnical and geochemical conditions
  • Traffic and transportation engineering studies
  • Design of specialist foundations on sites subject to subsidence
  • Environmental audit studies and surveys of sites
  • Structural surveys
  • Reports on and design of remedial works for defective structures prior to purchase or lease
  • Appraisal of projects and inspection of construction on behalf of investment and funding organisations
  • Checking of structural engineering submissions
  • Investigations and reports concerning legal, insurance or planning matters
  • SER certification and structures


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