Goodson Associates categorises quality as a high priority and is fully committed to providing a quality service to its clients by  listening to and understanding their needs, thereby providing a service that is dependable and to a standard that is acceptable to our clients. These quality aims are attained through adherence to a Quality Management system which follows a process approach towards the management of work that enables us to deliver on all our objectives.

As our industry becomes increasingly competitive, it is vital that Goodson Associates continues to meet client expectations, and is perceived as a committed workforce striving for excellence through the effective and efficient use of resources. Remaining diligent in all aspects of management, whilst being committed to the development of our employees, will ensure we continue to preserve Goodson Associates established reputation and competitiveness whilst retaining the continuing confidence of our clients.

In demonstration of this we have BS EN ISO9001 Accreditation. Our Quality Management system has been formulated with the aim of ensuring uniformity and compliance of regulations throughout our working doctrine. A comprehensive internal audit programme ensures the Quality Management system is subject to audit and review thus providing a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives and implementing corrective and preventive measures.

The commitment by management and the active involvement and co-operation of all employees, ensures the motivation to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our service, processes and Quality Management system.

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